15th Anniversary

Posted on: July 4th, 2010 by admin 3 Comments

July 2010 marks my 15th year in business. I received my first order from Henri Bendels in July 1995. A month later, the second order was from Barneys Japan.

It is amazing to me because I have seen so many seemingly successful retailers and vendors close their doors. Yet, J. Fleet Designs is still strong in the home accessories arena. Why did I make it and so many others (who seemed to be bigger and better) fail? I can attribute my success to staying true to the medium of the product, not selling out by offering lesser quality, listening between the lines to the customer demands and keeping a tight rein on my inventory and other costs.  Somehow, I am able to offer something unique every season to expand and build upon last season. Somehow, I have recreated this very specific product over the last 15 years and kept it exciting and beautiful.


This 15th anniversary marks a significant change to J. Fleet Designs. My sister, Carol, is joining the business and will help to expand into the international market. We will exhibit at the Maison-Objet show in September. The market response to this new venue has been tremendous. After careful research, Carol has determined that while some lacquer vendors are represented at the M & O show, none have the unique product range that I have developed over the years. We are excited to expand internationally.   The exposure will further help build the J. Fleet Designs brand in the USA and increase sales with existing and new accounts.


In addition to the international expansion, or because of it, we are redesigning the web site to offer a much more comprehensive display of the product line. Included in the site will be a retail store locator. It is our goal to enhance the partnership with our retailers and have links to their sites and vice versa.  We will also revitalize the blog. Blogs are meant to draw extra traffic to your website. But,  I have not done a very good job at regular posting!  One exciting feature Carol will manage will be to highlight our retailers. We are asking all retailers to send photos of the J. Fleet Designs displays and we will post those on the blog along with the retailer information.  Highlighting our retail partners will be beneficial to both of us.


With the technological advances and high cost of postage, all businesses are relying heavily on the internet for information. Email marketing is replacing high volume mailing of catalogs and postcards. We will continue to choose this avenue for marketing and hope that all retailers will soon embrace the internet.


So – I toast July 2010 as I welcome my sister to the business and look to see where the two of us will take J. Fleet Designs in the next 15 years.


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  1. Jane Barclay says:

    J. Fleet Designs brings a wonderful product to the home market. The products are beautiful, functional and perfect for most any occasion!! I wish I had more pieces.

  2. found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  3. Thanks for the tip!

    I am going to add your blog to my list!

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