Creating the Perfect Guestroom Retreat

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It’s inevitable – you’re probably going to have house guests.  Especially if you’ve got a beautiful summer home!  So, whether you enjoy having overnight visitors or not, you might as well get it ready and make it great. You never know when they’re going to pop in at the last minute.  Your special guests will appreciate the little details and effort that go into making their stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.  Turn that spare room into a five-star getaway with these simple ideas:

Start with the bed: high-thread count sheets, an inviting duvet and lots of fluffy pillows.

Stock the bedside table with great reading material.

A basket of towels, a robe and blankets near by.

Add snacks, a carafe of water and even perhaps a small coffee/tea maker.  As a guest, it’s nice to have a little private time in the morning instead of rushing down to the kitchen for that first cup.  Even add a sweet treat such as a small box of chocolates or homemade cookies to enjoy immediately or bring home.

If all else fails, a bottle of champagne on the bed always does the trick!

Have a great month!

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