Customer Service #2

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Customer Service is a big topic. Good customer service is what drives us to return to a particular gift shop, hair salon, clothing store, etc. From this end, it is easy to see good customer service:  a smile to greet you as you enter a store, special gift wrapping, extra massage when your hair is washed, and getting help with choosing the right outfits. When you receive good service, you continue to frequent a store and a relationship begins to develop. I’ve been going to the same hair stylist for years.  My whole family goes to him becuase he treats us so well.

As a wholesaler, I strive to provide my customers with good customer service. Some of my customers have been buying from me for 12 years because of my customer service. What does this mean from a wholesaler point of view? I do my best to ensure orders are shipped exactly when the retailer requires. I replace defective merchandise within 2 days of receiving the complaint. I provide information or price quotes quickly, get samples made in record time. I have top quality sales reps who share my philosphy of great customer service. So, in this challenging time, as I do my best to keep my business afloat, I am reaching out to the retailers who have been loyal over the years and have been buying steadily. It amazes me how so many of these retailers don’t take the time to reach back. Messages go unanswered. Sales reps are ignored.  Or, worse, invoices go unpaid for months. Some retailers don’t seem to remember the vendors who step up to the plate when the special requests are needed in a hurry. 

We need to work together, be respectful and remember that we are all in this together. The relationship between vendor and retailer can be very fulfilling. In these quiet times, it is a great opportunity to share information about designs, colors, and trends. It is a time to build the relationships of those around us. So, take a moment and talk to the vendor or sales rep when they call. You never know what great ideas might generate from that call.

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