Fit for a king

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At our most recent Paris show a woman came into our booth,  looked at a tiny square sample of our blue and silver Arabesque pattern and asked if we could do a custom design with the same colors.   We said yes and she placed an order.  Little did we know then that it was for a king’s family.

The event designers adapted the originally designed curved walls covered in lush patterned botanical pattern. Breaking up the wall space were illuminated curtains of laser cut floral patterns providing a true dream- like feel. Magnificent, don’t you think?

The designers describe the lighting details in the dining area and boat shaped room focal points as almost “aquatic in quality” and this married quite well with the royal blue accents of the table scape.  Ethereal.

Here’s the blue and silver tray we custom designed.

We may not all be kings and queens, but can we have a custom designed J. Fleet tray for our next special event? Absolutely! Let us know and we’d love to help you create the perfect tablescape. Cheers!

Life and lacquer,

J. Fleet Designs




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