Home Decor Trends 2016

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Home decor trends are always changing.   And the new year always brings new ideas, new materials, and new decor concepts.  What will be  popular in 2016, you ask? Here are a few recurring themes we’ve found.

Pastel colors. This year, with the new Pantone colors of the year being soft, soothing pink (Rose Quartz) and a calming light blue (Serenity), the overall trend as far as colors and hues go will be more pastels, softer and more subtle. We will  see more soft yellows, light greens and even peach tones integrated into both soft and hard goods.

Metallics. Metallics are soothing and calm, especially cool silver and soft gold, and they pair well with other muted tones such as white, cream or light brown.

Muted patterns. Patterns will also be more subtle while bold, vibrant graphics are out.  Muted patterns will give homeowners the opportunity to have color and pattern in their space, while allowing these patterns to be more like background music, as opposed to dominating center stage.

Natural elements. The back-to-nature movement is not new but we will continue to see more local artistry, less mass produced pieces, as well as new materials becoming more mainstream.

Green design. Homeowners continue to be knowledgeable when it comes to what they put into their homes and there will continue to be a big push this year toward healthy and clean design products.

Minimalism and Multifunctional. The trend will be more toward items that are smaller in scale and can be used in various areas of the home.

Animals Gone Wild.  Animals are here to stay and they are everywhere.

Which of these themes do you plan on incorporating into your home design?

Happy New Year!

Love & Lacquer, J. Fleet Designs

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