Secrets from our latest Photo Shoot

Posted on: June 4th, 2013 by jfdadmin No Comments

Our photo shoot began yesterday with torrential downpour but that didn’t rain on our parade. Now,  if you’ve ever been on a photo shoot set, whether its for live models or still objects, you’ll know that each shot takes lots of time and tons of preparation…What piece should be shot where? What do you put on each piece? What colors would look good? How many items? Check out this BEFORE scene:

Here’s our photographer setting up the shot:

Take a peak at one of our little scenes below.  And guess what? We used real milk! Did you know that many food stylists actually use glue. And to make the milk look freshly poured, they add dish soap bubbles to the surface just before the shoot. Yum.

And here’s one more trick…if you don’t have enough food to fill your bowl, fill it with tissue paper and just place the food on top.  Not like we would ever do that!

We would also never pretend to use water if we were making ourselves a delicious martini.  We can’t wait to share our new pictures with you soon.  Cheers!


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