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You know what they say – summertime and the entertaining is easy. Or at least, that’s what they should say.   Having family and friends over doesn’t have to be difficult.  Here are our seven super-simple no-stress steps for spectacular backyard entertaining:

Create an easy, make ahead menu.  The last thing you want to do is spend the whole time in the kitchen while all your guests are outside enjoying themselves.   Prep your beverage bar completely – set up coolers filled with drinks and ice so guests can help themselves. Bonus points: Create a signature cocktail in a large punch bowl and set out on a table near where guests enter.

J.Fleet trays with signature cocktail


Just use the good stuff. Don’t be afraid to let your indoor elements move outdoors. Guests will totally appreciate the “fine-dining” experience of using your beautiful dishes, glassware, and utensils al fresco.

It’s all about the lighting. Lighting is one of the most necessary elements of outdoor dining.  It really sets the mood. Add simple, affordable ambiance by quickly stringing up some outdoor string lights and stake a few tiki torches around the perimeter of your backyard.  A little added lighting will keep your party going long after the sun goes down.

Comfy seating.  And lots of it.

Party Games.  Include some classic party games to keep your guests entertained. Cornhole, bocce, even volleyball or badminton net, if you have the space.


Music. Match the music to the mood of your party and it will be sure to be a success.

Most importantly, relax and have fun.

Happy June.

Love and lacquer,

J. Fleet Designs

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