So many ways to use a wastebasket!

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Not to toot our own horn but we really just love our wastebaskets!  They’re extremely sturdy, sophisticated and functional.  In fact, we love our wastebaskets so much it got us thinking about all the clever ways we could use them.

1. Champagne bucket.

2. Container for rolled-up towels for a spa-inspired bathroom accessory.

3. Magazine or newspaper holder.

4. A vase for big blooms like hydrangeas or branches.
5. Umbrella stand.

6. Wrapping paper container.

7. Beautiful catchall for your entryway, use it to hold scarves, gloves, hats, even your yoga mat.

8. Toy container in the playroom.
9. Have just a little bit of laundry?
10. Firewood container by the hearth.
11.  If all else fails, turn it upside-down and use as a small side table.


Have any more ideas for us? Let us know! Happy April!


Love and lacquer,

J. Fleet Designs




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