Thanks to Our Wonderful Customers!

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JFD Booth, New York Gift Show, January 2011

The trade shows are always exciting because we get to meet and greet all the J. Fleet customers. During the 16 years we have been in business, the list of JFD customers has changed quite a bit. In the beginning, our customers were mainly very contemporary home décor retailers. The collection Asian/contemporary collection only appealed to a select clientele.

Over the years, as the world has grown smaller and more accessible, the taste of the consumer has expanded. At the same time, the JFD designs have expanded to appeal to a wider audience. The designs range from botanicals and animals as well as contemporary. We still have our original Desert Sand – after 15 years it still sells through! There are more sizes in the tray and bowl collections to appeal to a variety of gift to home décor retailers. The customers love coming into the booth, “What’s New?” and always buying a few of the tried and true along with s0me pieces of the new.

Some of our long standing customers include: Fabec-Young in Naples, FL; Extraordinary in NY; and Ron Robinson @ Fred Segal in LA – all customers since 1998 and still ordering lacquerware from J Fleet Designs. Our customer list past and present includes Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Gumps and Calvin Klein. Our customer base now expands from Taiwan to Brazil, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Panama. Even one of the oldest bookstores in the USA is now a J Fleet Designs customer.

So many of our customers made a special point to stop by the booth in NY or Paris to order or just to say hello and to let us know an order will come along in a week or two. Geary’s in LA, Stephen Frank in Laguna Beach, Asian Village in Colorado, Sedoni Gallery from Long Island and Pioneer Linens from West Palm Beach. The relationships we have with our customers are like our products – superb quality and long lasting!

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