The Artistry of Vietnam

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In today’s “New York Times,” there is a photo of a beautiful sculpture by Vietnamese artist, Danh Vo.

His piece is called “We the People” and it is composed of copper fragments from a life-size replica he had cast of the Statue of Liberty in China.  This sculpture is one of the major creations being exhibited at the “The Ungovernables: 2012 New Museum Triennial”  taking place now through April 22 at the New Museum, 235 Bowery, New York.

The gorgeous color of this copper is one of the stunning features of all Vietnamese art.  The Vietnamese aesthetic, influenced heavily by the French involvement in the country for centuries, is one of refinement and luminous hues.  The ancient lacquerware technique of Vietnam derives its elegance from this aesthetic.  It is why J. Fleet Designs would only make its lacquer collections in Vietnam and no other country.

To read more about this beautiful Vietnamese sculpture and the exciting New Museum exhibit, go to:

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