The Gift Show – August ’08

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The New York Gift Show begins on Saturday.  That means I have 2 days before I begin to pack up my car and get ready for the big set up.


In years past, I would be very nervous about the set up. Fortunately, experience has helped make the booth set up to become more predictable. The product is shipped in directly from my warehouse to the show site.  The booth display fits easily into my minivan and I drive it to the show site on Wednesday. Then I arrive fresh and ready to set up on Thursday morning. 


In years past, I packed everything into my minivan – product and display material. Then I drove it in on the first set up day. I had to wait in line for at least one hour to pull up to the front entrance. Then, I had to unload everything and take it to my booth. Then I had to park the car and walk back to the show site.  It was usually 11 am by the time I was ready to start setting up.  It was very tiring to say the least!


I’ve always been amazed at the more intricate booth displays. The cost involved in designing the space, shipping it, and the crew to build it on show site.  The result is a beautiful small home décor space that is unique to the other booths. But the cost must be so high. You know you must write a tremendous amount at the show to cover these costs.


My booth display is very simple; I only need one person to help set it all up. I use black velvet curtains which just disappear. My shelving is great. It is the Ivar system from IKEA.  It is so flexible because I have enough shelving for a 30 foot space. So, I can reconfigure my 15 foot space to look a little every show.  The shelving is also perfect for my product because the shelves are deep enough to allow little vignettes of trays and bowls. I paint it different colors every few years. Right now the shelves are ivory and the sides are black.  The product just pops out and looks fantastic. I get a lot of complements because the booth is very simple and clear – you can see right away that I sell a wide selection of decorative serving trays, bowls and bath accessories.


The show is always great as it is the time I get to see all my customers. I love meeting them and learning more about their stores or businesses. I fortunately have a knack for remembering most names and store names. I love meeting the other vendors and sharing all the trials and tribulations of trade shows and basic business operations. Overall, it is an energizing experience.


Let’s hope the buyers are out buying this year !

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