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To run a business and maintain a family life takes time and great time management. Some days everything seems to go prety well and as I finally finish tucking everyone in by 9 PM, I feel that I have “won the race.”

The challenge is to be very organized and work in order of priority.  My office is in my home, so it can be very easy to get sidetracked with housekeeping, laundry and other personal business. A dirty kitchen counter clouds my thinking. However, I have learned that if orders are to ship on time, customer’s needs met, clear information sent on to the factory AND get some exercise, the kitchen counter can wait until lunchtime.

The first half of this year was particularly challenging for “getting it all done.” My husband was away 19 out of 26 weeks. For the first time, I saw how much I work all the time 7 days a week. Since I was on my own with my 3 boys, I could not get my usual “desk time” in the evenings and weekends.  Sales and administrative work fell behind. This is not good. Yet, I felt guilty if I wanted to read the newspaper or work in the garden – in other words, take a break.  This is how we all get stressed out. And being stressed out is not good for business or family life.

The solution has arrived in my first on-site office help.  I have had occassional administrative help from someone in a satellite office. But, this only marginally helped ease the burden.  Now, I have someone here in the office in a regular routine to help with the basic office work. After 4 weeks, the positive effects are clear. It is so wonderful having someone else call customers for payments. It is so wonderful having someone else to help with the hundreds of things that need to be done in a given week.

Now that I am getting used to having the help, I need to learn to include other things into my regular calendar – such as writing this blog and keeping in touch with industry news.  I am trying to find the time. Time. Is there ever enough?

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