Turn any house into a beach house with just 3 simple tips!

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Whether you’re hundreds of miles away from the coast or mere steps away from the sand, you can turn any house into a beach house.  Here are three simple tips to bring the sea indoors.

Tip #1: Neutral and natural.

When designing seaside spaces it’s essential to use organic materials such as jute, seagrass and sisal along with a natural color palate. Using natural fibers for rugs, lighting, and accessories can add warmth and texture to a room.

Tip #2: Add pops of color.

Adding just small bursts of color can create excitement and an element of surprise. Eyes will be drawn around the room with each vibrant hue, ensuring guests don’t miss a single stunning detail. Whether it’s a piece of art, the back of a bookshelf, the floor or the ceiling, a splash of unexpected color transforms any space from boring to breathtaking.

Tip #3: Bring in the details.

Keep your furnishings simple so you can have more fun with your accessories. Unexpected objects like driftwood, glass jugs or fishing net floats are perfect for coffee tables and bookshelves.  Even small items like beads, shells and sea glass reminiscent of morning strolls scavenging for treasures along the shore can be beautifully corralled in a small bowl or tray. And nothing evokes a summer feel quite like coral which comes in a variety of sizes, colors and forms.  Nautical-inspired door pulls or knobs add a subtle touch while a rope-wrapped chandelier could make a big impact to your room.

However you decorate, it should always reflect your personal style and you should always have fun.  Enjoy!

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