We need home accessories!

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Imagine a living room with only a couch, maybe a chair, a coffee table and a lamp.  Not very exciting, is it? It’s only when you add the  accessories do you give life and personality to your home.  No, it’s not always what you first think of when you’re furnishing your house or apartment but it’s the best way to showcase your creativity and give your home warmth and comfort.

Here are  a few simple tips we’ve learned along the way:

Start with what you love

Start with just one thing that makes you happy (a big shell, an antique frame, weathered book) and choose other accessories that complement that piece.

Organize according to size & number

When grouping multiple accent pieces together, vary their size and height.  Mixing size and height adds visual interest to your design.  Some experts recommend using odd numbers of 3 or 5 when placing accessories in a group.

Create a Story

Gather similar items together for maximum impact.  For example, a bowl of decorative gourds, a platter of chocolates and a vase of beautiful flowers creates a lovely story of accessories.

Take Something Away

They say accessories are like a woman’s jewelry.  Don’t wear it all at once.  When you think your done accessorizing, always take one thing away.

Home accents are the unsung heroes of home design so let’s give a big shout out to the little things that make our house a home!

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