What’s New?

Posted on: February 9th, 2009 by admin No Comments

Customers always want to see new designs, new shapes, anything new. The first question asked is always, “what’s new?”

When chatting with customers during the Gift Shows and after “what’s new” is always discussed. “I didn’t see anything new – just the same old merchandise.” Yet, so many walk so quickly through the aisles – or are talking on the phone, they may not notice all the new items on display.

I always have at least one new pattern to present twice a year at every show. This January, I have added 3 new patterns to the serving trays, bowls, boxes and bath accessories. 

What’s interesting is that the buyers rarely buy the “new” designs!  They see the new, then buy the old!  The “new” is usually purchased at the next show.  They need time to think about it. They stay with the tried and true designs and will slowly bring in a few pieces of new.

The same pattern holds for a retailer trying a new vendor. Many times a retailer will say business is down so they will just stay with their current vendors.  Well – maybe if they brought in something new from a new vendor, it would create some excitement in the store.

We need to show new merchandise to our retail buyers. The retailers need to show new merchandise to their customers. Yet, the big question we have to answer is “how much to buy?” and “if we buy this, will it sell?”  Sometimes we just have to take the chance.

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