Who Colored-Coded Christmas?!

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Ever wonder why red and green became the colors of Christmas? These two colors have been the traditional color combination of Christmas for so long that most people don’t even bother to wonder why.  The most accepted explanation dates back to the 1300s when on December 24th local churches would put on plays of the story of Adam and Eve. To recreate the “Paradise Tree” they would use a pine tree to symbolize the apple tree with red apples tied to its branches. The idea spread and soon afterward people erected pine trees decorated with red apples in their own homes during the holiday.  And so the modern-day Christmas tradition was born and the official colors of the Christmas season became green and red.  If you love the traditional, stick with it! But don’t feel as if it’s the only option out there! One of the biggest trends this season is light blue and silver. 

  A green or even white tree with turquoise or pale blue  decorations is a trendy way to add tranquility to your home during the holiday season. 


To successfully achieve serenity, you’ll need to be conservative in the amount of decorations you put in a room. Less is best when creating a serene atmosphere.


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However you decide to decorate your home for the holidays, we hope it’s a great one!

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